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San Pedro CactusSan Pedro Cactus
We are one of the largest discount sellers of San Pedro Cactus in Southern California.  We have two huge Cactus farms that include hundreds of San Pedro Cacti.  We also remove and repurpose San Pedro cactus from around the Southern California area, and replant and resale them at a huge discount to you.

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What are San Pedro Cactus

The San Pedro cactus, Trichocereus Pachanoi (Echinopsis Pachanoi) is grown for its beautiful emerald green columnar form and fragrant dinner plate sized white flowers. The flowers bloom at night and are pollinated by bats, moths and bees before the flower close in the morning.

How to Replant and Grow San Pedro Cactus

Growing from a cutting is done by simply cutting off a section of San Pedro Cactus. When you cut the cactus, always use a sharp sterilized knife by rubbing alcohol.  Sterilizing the knife will reduce the risk of cactus infection. After cutting the cactus, place the cutting in a cool dry location. You must wait for a callus and curing process to take place. It is best to wait two to three weeks in the winter and at least one week in the summer for the callousing, before replanting.

After the cactus has callused, simply place the San Pedro Cactus cuttings into the soil (sandy soil is best, clay is the worst). If San Pedro Cactus is planted during colder months it will not begin a growth phase until triggered by warmer conditions. After planting your cactus do not water your cactus for several weeks to a month. This will allow your cactus to grow roots. It is important to keep them away from freezing cold in winter and excessive moisture at all times.

Most importantly San Pedro Cactus are not perfect and each cactus, like people, have character! It is normal for cactus to have superficial blemishes, this does not affect the quality of the cuttings in any way. If the side of a cutting is brown, it is simply because it was growing adjacent to another column. The rubbing and lack of sunlight penetration creates a brown skin. San Pedro cactus also come in many different sizes, thickness, and unique shapes. This adds to the beauty of these cacti.

Our San Pedro Cactus are for ornamental uses only.  They are NEVER for consumption.  

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We started our cactus company in 2017.  We wanted to create an eco-fridley yard by removing our lawn, adding decorative rocks and drought-tolerant cacti.  We went to a local nursery and the prices for cacti were extremely expensive.  We put an ad on craigslist for cactus removal.   Our phone started ringing, and soon we had more cacti then we could plant.    We decided to share our cactus at a discounted price online.  

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